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Prepped for a Wedding

Ready for a Wedding

Prepped for a Wedding

The church, still an integral part of a functioning parish community, is also being utilized as a venue to showcase talent of local, regional and national performing and visual arts. The use of the church's superb Steinway grand piano as well as Yamaha organ is available at any event in the church, be it Wedding, Baptism, Funeral, Concert, Recital. The church, with its second level balcony (choir loft) seats over 400 people. With its extensive grounds, separate hall (complete with full kitchen) next door, the grandeur of the church continues to draw many former Marysburgers back home for family reunions and other community events. Camping (40 non-serviced lots) available on site, makes all planning for a major event much easier.

Assumption Parish Church Wedding Policy

  1. Requirements
    • Contact parish priest at St. Augustine Church @ 306-682-2106.
    • Contact rental chairperson @ 306-682-3555.
    • Complete on-line application form, review rental policy and pay non-refundable deposit (1/2 of rental fees).
  2. Terms & Conditions of Rental
    • No furnishings can be moved or covered without prior permission.
    • No confetti.
    • Church must be left in condition it was found, extra charges may be incurred if terms of agreement are not met. This charge is in addition to fees already paid.

Assumption Parish Rental Policy Terms & Conditions

The parish hall, whether or not it is located in the church building, is church property and is required to be operated as an extension of the church. It is primarily intended to assist the parish in fulfilling its role in the Catholic community including providing facilities where members of the parish may meet and hold social and other events, and provision of access to the broader community.

As such, the parish hall is primarily intended for the conduct of parish and other church activities, and when otherwise available will be made accessible for appropriate purposes.

The parish and the church believe in cooperating with community organizations to assist them in meeting the social, vocational and recreational needs of the community. In support of this belief, the parish will permit the use of the parish hall and parish facilities by the community provided there is no conflict with Catholic values, aims and objectives.

Rental of the facility is not permitted for activities, which are likely to cause damage to the premises.

The parish hall rental committee reserves the right to deny the rental of the facility to any individual, organization or user group that in their view does not conform to this rental policy. As a term of any rental agreement, in the event that the use for which the parish hall has been reserved under a rental agreement has been misrepresented or insufficiently disclosed so as to confirm compliance with this policy, the parish reserves the right to cancel any rental agreement upon being aware of such non-compliance notwithstanding the proximity of such cancellation to the proposed date of use.

Since such cancellation can cause significant inconvenience to the user, users are encouraged to insure that the rental committee is fully informed of the intended use of the parish hall. No liability shall accrue to the parish, or any person as a result of cancellation in accordance with this policy.

Application for Rental of Marysburg Hall/Church Facility

View/Print the Application.

Rental Rates

Church (400 person capacity)

  • Summer (April - October) — $200
  • Winter (November - March) — $400

Hall (100 person capacity)

  • Includes complete kitchen.
  • Daily (both levels) — $300
  • Meetings — $50
  • Funeral Lunch — $150

Grounds (40 camper capacity)

  • Camping area
    • non serviced
  • Ball diamond
  • Weekend (Hall & Grounds) — $1000

Choir (if available)

  • $100